When watching videos on YouTube and other similar hosting find on the player switch the resolution. Reduce it to the minimum possible for the viewing of the video (typically 240 lines). Remember that to perform this operation you will have whenever you start watching the following video.
Similarly, it is possible to reduce traffic and when listening to Internet radio stations. Some of them offer a choice of sound quality. In practice, however, even when choosing the lowest possible for a particular station, the data transfer speed, the sound is very high quality, but not experiencing the periodic loss of sound caused by the buffering. Click on the station's website a link to the stream, which, on the one hand, suitable to the player you use, and the other corresponds to the lowest possible speed.
Large potential to reduce traffic open and while browsing the usual sites. Disable the images loading Flash applets. Those pictures which you want to view, download separately (for example, if it's captcha), and enable Flash only when it is really necessary, particularly when using the same video. In Opera you can turn on and off the display of images and download Flash separately for each site. Another option is to in one of the available browsers include these functions and the other off, and each of them to use to view those sites. Can also be used as an additional install text browser Lynx (and Linix it is already there).
Also, when using Opera browser, try to enable Opera Turbo mode. This will allow you to browse the web through a proxy server, in the same way as it happens when using mobile browsers Opera Mini and UCWEB. If you are using any other browsers to use third-party compression, the most famous of which is Skweezer (its name comes from the distorted English word squeezer - cocoville).