You will need
  • program Windows Media Player.
Open the standard Windows Media Player and paste to view any video file. After downloading a video player press the right button of the mouse on the video image to call up the additional menu. Locate the "advanced features" and move the cursor with the mouse. Go to the menu and click on "play speed settings". This opens a special panel to control the video playback speed.
Move management tool in the form of a slider to change the set playback speed. It is also possible to change the speed using the words "Lower," "Average" or "Above" that are present on the panel in the upper left corner. To be able to choose from the offered speeds, uncheck the box next to "snap slider to common speeds". Select one of the values, and the player will automatically change the playback speed of your video file. If you no longer need this panel, close it using the button x in the upper right corner.
Similar functions can also be found in the player Light Alloy. However, to change the speed there are no special panels. Look in the lower left corner of the button coming after the pictogram 'Play'. These two triangles represent two additional playback speeds. As a rule, there is a huge amount of software that allows you to change the playback speed of files. Basically it is the players that allow you to play multimedia files. Special programs to change the playback does not exist, but there are file editors that allow you not only to change the playback speed, but to crop the file and more.