In the General case of the action during a flight with a connection look like. You register on the first flight (sometimes the second too), drop off the Luggage. Then come in to land. After the plane lands, you either go to the transit area or go through the control and inspection, then go get your Luggage. Then you come to the registration on the next flight, after which you wait again all the security checks and preflight inspections. It is useful to consider the nuances, as some cases are different.
Before the flight in advance to learn about how the airport where you change planes. Try to find the pattern, remember your departure terminal, not to be mistaken with this. In a huge unfamiliar airports, anything can happen, even experienced travelers sometimes get confused.
Try to buy tickets to time for a transplant was enough. If you need to transfer the Luggage, that are dedicated to the transplant for at least 3 hours. Sometimes planes are late, and if you fly different airlines at non-refundable rates, you run a high risk, so in this case it is useful to increase the time of transplant. Those who bought a ticket for two segments in the same company, do not worry: in the event of a flight delay you will renew the ticket for the next. But the conditions are better further clarified by the airline.
Conventionally, the flights with a stopover can be divided into several types, the simplest and most convenient among them - when you fly the flights of one company and on one ticket. You just register and get boarding passes for all flight segments, and deal with your Luggage the airline undertakes. She preregistered it to another flight, you just need to get out of the first aircraft, go to the transit area and wait until start boarding for the next flight.
Everything becomes complicated, if the ticket you have not one, but two. This can be in the case when you fly two different airlines and when to buy the tickets from the same company, but they are not United. In this flight you have to take care of everything. Most of the difficulties usually causes the renewal of the Luggage, because it is long, it is important to tell about it separately.
As soon as you land your first aircraft, you will need at once, after all tests, go to the baggage claim area. They should get the Luggage and go straight to the front Desk for the next flight, where baggage will have to pass again. It happens that the Luggage can not find it sometimes delayed the results, and it may be that on registration you got a very slow worker and this happens. So first finish of the case related to a transfer, and then you can sit back and relax, if you have enough time before my next flight.
Of course, it's best to fly with a connection, don't have any Luggage and limiting carry-on baggage, but it is not always possible. It is therefore recommended to take the transplant more time. Better to just sit in the relegation zone extra hour drinking coffee and watching out the window watching aeroplanes take-off than the headlong rush through an unfamiliar airport, to in the end be late for boarding.