You will need
  • - hard brush;
  • tool for cleaning;
  • paint for ceramic tiles;
  • - brushes and rollers;
  • - primer.
Armed with a stiff brush and detergent to thoroughly wash the ceramic tiles and the seams between her. Then take fine sandpaper and wrap her wooden block. With this tool you start to grind the old tile, checking from time to time the texture of the surface. When the fingers will feel a slight roughness will disappear and the feeling of smooth sliding, the work will stop.
Clean with a dry brush or cloth to remove abrasive dust. Degrease the surface with a special compound, pay special attention to the seams between the tiles - it they accumulate grease and dirt. When the tile has dried, treat it with primer.This tool should have high penetrating ability and moisture resistance. Choose it in specialized stores with a wide range of products to buy exactly what you need. Due to a bad primer job will have some time to start again.
There's also pick and paint that will hold well in the damp atmosphere of the bathroom or kitchen. Especially for these areas are produced waterborne latex paint that can withstand repeated cleaning of the surface with a soft detergent (about 1000 times).
Apply several thin coats of paint using a small roller with a foam surface. A thin coat falls evenly thick and provides a better grip with the material of the tiles. Wait for complete drying of the previous layer of paint before applying the next. Places that the roller does not penetrate, paint mascara on paint brush.The period for which the paint layer dries, usually indicate the Bank, strictly follow the instructions. You have got smooth surface of ceramic tile without stains, you will need to apply 2-3 thin layers of new paint.