Solution 1: self-Adhesive foil

Retro-chic wall tile can give without a lot of dust, debris and dirt. One of the possibilities to update the top layer of tiles - to seal with a special foil. The big advantage is that it can be done easily even in a rented apartment.
Solution 2: Painting tiles

The following method to refresh the tile is coated with special paint. For this suit of latex, epoxy or oil paint. Before you apply paint, you need to degrease the surface and remove a thin layer of tile, go with a grinding machine. Dust, of course, will be many, therefore the surface treatment will need to be cleaned. Further primed with a primer based on epoxy resin. The procedure of processing of the tile to repeat and then apply the paint. Experts recommend painting the tiles only on the walls that do not have constant contact with water.
Solution 3: Dressing up with photo Wallpaper

You can make a clever "disguise" the tiled walls with his hands. One such option is to stick the photo-Wallpaper on a thin wooden Board (plywood), protecting them on top of the plexiglass. However, this design cannot be placed over the stove, as it is flammable.
Solution 4: Glass and metal panels

The ugly tile is easy to disguise with panels of shatterproof glass. It is possible to make even the recesses for the receptacles. The advantage of glass compared to tiles - completely smooth surface that is easy to care for. As an alternative to panels of stainless steel that are perfect for the wall in the kitchen. Attach these panels are usually between the countertop and the wall cabinets.
Solution 5: Painting tiles

Even if you can't create a fine painting in the form of animals, birds or flowers, to create on the walls a geometric pattern anyone can do it. Besides geometric patterns are in trend now. For this purpose, use a paint for glass or ceramic. Pre-training, in addition to degreasing walls, is not needed.