The value of signs

People are welcoming feathered in the street, but turn to panic as they strive to get into the house. Some residents even chased birds, sitting them on the window sill. Why? It just so happened that a bird flew into the house, is considered to be the messenger of bad news or even a harbinger of someone's demise.
In ancient times believed that flew into the house swallow bear offspring, it was believed that the mistress will soon get pregnant.

In special disfavour according to the signs are the pigeons and the sparrows. They say that pigeons bring to the house of death, and so do the sparrows are a symbol of the curse. Where did this superstition, and whether so it actually?

History of the signs

In ancient times the souls of the dead represented in the image of birds soaring to the sky. So birds fly into the house, sometimes associated in humans with the souls of their deceased family or friends. It should be noted that the mystical symbol is endowed with in this case the window itself, because before the dead were carried out of the house through it. Since the window in the superstition is considered to be a transition from this earthly life to another world.

It went to the superstition from the fact that by coincidence after being hit in the bird house, someone in the house had an accident, which was associated with the death of a loved one. The case is remembered. So went the rumors of ancient times came in the form of people's will.

Objective reality

In fact, birds often fly into the house, especially in the spring when people begin to ventilate their homes. Also birds can get into the house through cracks and open doors, raised transom. In winter the birds sometimes fight about the glass, as I want to go into heat. To panic because this is not worth it. After all, has long been an indisputable fact that in itself the occurrence, a neutral, and the outcome depends on what the status gives them.
Remember: thoughts are material, do not think about trouble, yielding to superstitious speculation.

If you are deeply superstitious person and your house suddenly flew a bird, then there are even the so-called rituals in order to neutralize the effects. In this case, it is necessary to open one or more Windows, the bird was able to fly safely, to chase birds is not necessary, it is not correct. Once a bird leaves your house, say three times a short mantra: "Come for the food, not for the soul." It will remove a negative environment in the house, death will pass it by.