Bathroom – an area characterized by high humidity. So for painting the walls and ceiling will require special formulations – moisture-resistant. This category of colors is among all its types: latex, alkyd, acrylic, oil. So first you should choose a Foundation from which made the composition.

Any paint suitable for a bathroom?

If the walls are carefully plastered or lined with drywall, a good solution would be to acquire water-based enamel. It has moisture resistance, it forms a coating impermeable to vapor. Before applying the paint the surface should be prepared: to handle the primer composition. Paint water-based, non-toxic, fireproof, does not have a pronounced smell. After drying they form a thin but durable film which has water-repellent properties.

However, the drawback of these paints is: if the wall to RUB, for example, cotton swab, she will be painted in the color in which painted surface. In addition, you have should not be applied on metal products, as may appear rust. So around nails and screws, screwed into the wall, and sometimes formed a characteristic brownish stains. But usually the owners are updating the room before it happens.

For painting the perfect bathroom paint on alkyd or acrylic base. Among them we choose one that is labeled "waterproof". These enamels exhibit better adhesion to plaster, concrete and brick surfaces. But before applying the walls and ceiling need to be primed. Alkyd or acrylic paints should be applied in 2-3 layers, in this case, the coating is durable, resistant to mechanical damage. Painted surfaces are easy to clean, including tools with abrasive substances.

New to the market of paint products is chlorinated rubber paint. These enamel designed for painting of saunas, baths, swimming pools. Therefore, they are able to withstand long direct contact with water. For bathrooms these colors fit perfectly. They prevent the development of corrosion, possess bactericidal action, durable and easy to wash.

Is it possible to use in bath oil paint?

Not so long ago, these enamels were the most popular. They were stained all surfaces, including in areas with high humidity. The disadvantage of these compositions is that they long to dry, but ukrywa ability they have is great. After coloring in the room for a long time preserved the characteristic smell that like not every owner.