One of the shades of gray, namely, black with a gray tint, is called Marengo. This sophisticated color looks different depending on the texture to which it is applied. Often this term refers to the color of the fabric.

The origin of colour

Color Marengo as a variety of shades of gray, appeared in the year 1800, after the battle of Marengo. In the village of Marengo in Northern Italy made dark gray fabric with white inclusions. In the overcoat of this cloth was dressed Napoleon Bonaparte during the battle with the Austrian army. Later, this color was briefly in Vogue.

A variation of Marengo

In Russia known as the "Marengo-Claire, which means light gray, and "brown of Marengo, having a shade of brown. In the twentieth century the color of Marengo, widely used for the uniforms of Soviet soldiers and sailors. The color of police uniforms were replaced with blue in Marengo.

In Russia, the term more often refers to Marengo fabric color – dark fibre with the addition of white veins. Heathered woolen cloth used for coats or costumes is called Marengo. However, worldwide the term refers not to the tissue, and represents the color of paint that is used in different industries.

Marengo in clothes

Being a complex color, Marengo in perfect harmony with the garment of grey or blue tones. This feature Marengo quite typical for pure gray colors. The combination of these colors fits perfectly into a strict office style and casual clothes. Also of Marengo is perfect for black, white and beige colors, giving brightness and saturation to the whole image. Bright colors on the background of Marengo to become more saturated, but at the same time look softer than in the contrast with the black.

Marengo in the interior

Marengo used textures, reminiscent of the sea surface, looks fresh and elegant. Varnished wood, metals, satin, silk, glass and other smooth surface reveal the beauty and originality of color Marengo, giving it lightness and depth. Rough woolen texture makes Marengo rough, dull and flat, lightweight silk – alive and playing.

The combination of dark Marengo with the other complex tones must be diluted with simple bright colors. This interior should not be used for bedrooms or Lounges as it creates a hard and tough mood. This design is perfect for the office or creative institution.