You will need
  • - cleaning tiles;
  • - vinegar;
  • brush;
  • - special token in the can;
  • - drill;
  • - hammer;
  • - scraper;
  • - tile grout for joints.
Carefully wash the tile using quality detergents. Remove splatter, soot, grease. Before operation, carefully read the instructions for detergent, so as not to cause tile damage.
Apply the product on the tile and wait 10 minutes. Heavy dirt brush. Rinse the tile with water. To give the tiles a nice Shine, treat it with a solution of vinegar.
Check the condition of the joints between the tiles. If they need updating, thoroughly clean the joints of dirt and grease using a special spray. Flush the joints with water. If you think that the seams are infected with a fungus, treat them with vinegar. Wait for complete drying of the tiles. Remove the old grout and apply a new layer. Gently powertrowel seams. After drying the grout, wipe the tiles using first a damp, then dry cloth.
If you don't want to use a new grout, paint the seams with a special paint. Most often it is sold in hardware stores in spray cans. Carefully update the seams. There is one caveat: these colors usually are white. To give the desired shade, you will have to resort to the suture dye.
When damaged, individual tiles and replace them with new ones. To do this, scrape the seams with a scraper. Drill holes in the center of the tile with a drill on concrete. Remove the middle tile, carefully hollow hammer remains. Remove the old glue and grout. Apply new tile adhesive and attach to the desired location. Sure that she was on the same level with the others. Suture apply the grout and carefully power trowel. Do not soak the updated site in the next 48 hours.