In different regions the average wage ranges from 20 to 30 thousand rubles. In Moscow the average salary of a sales Manager is around 40 - 50 thousand rubles. Salary of sales managers varies, because the system of remuneration of employees in each company is different.
One of the options to know what salary gets a sales Manager in a specific region, like this: to perform the amount of wages proposed by the employers to the sales managers on the job site. Also information on the salary of the Manager can be obtained from sources such as: the Center of employment, personnel agencies and others.
Undoubtedly, the final salary of the sales Manager depends on the system of awarding bonuses to employees is installed in Position about payment of workers of the organization. In this system usually includes a factor of labour productivity, which determines the benefit that the employee brought to the company. In the case of a sales Manager takes into account the number of committed sales for the month or other reporting period, and the number of new customers it attracted in the company. Therefore, this coefficient is the variable part of the salary of the sales Manager.
In the fixed part of the salary of a sales Manager includes the tariff rate (salary) that in the regions ranges from 10 to 15 thousand rubles. In Moscow the salary of a sales Manager is about 30 thousand rubles.
However, each enterprise developed its own system of personnel motivation, which also depends on the scope of activities of the company. For example, a Manager may sell insurance company and can sell the product - cars. Therefore, regardless that the goals of both are the same Manager, plan for the sales they have are different.
The work of sales managers is considered to be paid, because it involves emotional and intellectual stress. The sales Manager must have a number of personal and professional qualities in order to successfully sell the firm's product. Such requirements include: stress resistance, sociability, competent speech, pleasant appearance, purposeful. Data quality is recommended to specify candidates for the position of sales Manager resume.
Most sales managers make calls "cold" clients, go on meetings with the presentation of a product or service of the company. Thus, the responsibilities of sales managers included a list of actions aimed at attracting new clients and work with existing buyers.
In General, the value of wages in addition to external conditions such as fluctuations of the ruble, the dollar and the Euro, influenced by such characteristics as: education, qualifications, experience, seniority.
It is known that in order that the employer pay the highest wage, the worker needs to be as useful to the organization. Therefore, a potential candidate for the vacant position must systematically improve their qualifications, improve skills, increase knowledge.