In different companies the functions of sales Manager are not always the same. It depends on the job descriptions developed for each specific company, as well as from strategic plans leadership and management practices of the organization.

But most often, especially in small business, the sales Manager performs a variety of functions. He not only responds to incoming calls and emails from potential customers, but, as a rule, is responsible for finding new customers and building with them close business relations. Ie, it expands the customer base of the company, performing functional responsibilities of the development Manager and working with customers.

In addition, the selling Manager is often independently meets with the representative of the customer is the contract's invoices for the supply of goods or services. Further, it controls the process of money transfer from counterparties to the account of the company. If funds from clients are received, the sales Manager has to call and find out what caused the delay. Thus, the selling Manager sometimes performs a limited set of accounting functions and control functions.

The main role of the selling Manager, of course, connected with the sale of goods or services. In every company, managers in charge fixed monthly plan of sales. The plan necessary to ensure that the company was able to pay rent, taxes, salaries of office workers and other current expenses of the enterprise. Usually earned from sales of money in excess of plan income form the selling Manager.

Therefore, the Manager who knows how to sell and to win over clients, brings enormous benefits to the enterprise. In addition, due to their skills such a specialist may receive a high income. Thus, a sales Manager will always be honored the authority of his superiors.