Yoga and pregnancy can be combined, the main thing - to observe some rules and to consult with your doctor. If pregnancy occurs you have some complications, contraindicated any physical activity, including yoga.
It is considered that the acquaintance with yoga should not start during pregnancy. It is not so. After all, yoga is not an exercise in stamina, is a science, aimed at restoring and improving the physical, spiritual and emotional development. Yoga is not intended to train muscles and to pump up the press. With the help of special exercises, you can improve blood circulation, body flexibility and tone of muscles, especially the muscles of the perineum, which is very important. In addition, when doing yoga much attention is given to proper breathing, as it can become for you good help in fights.
If you want to know how to combine yoga and pregnancy, find a good instructor who will select for you the asanas in accordance with your position. You have to remember that you cannot perform certain poses, for example, to bend back from a prone position, lie on your stomach and perform the asanas, coaching press. The same applies to backbends, twists and positions, which recommended to hold your breath or perform a short strong breaths. To start training only after the 12th week of pregnancy. Classes at an earlier period can cause miscarriage.
There are many different types and styles of yoga. You can choose the light exercises from Hatha-yoga. Bikram yoga and other types of hot yoga are strictly contraindicated, since there is a risk of overheating and other unpleasant consequences dangerous for both you and your unborn baby. Start to attend classes one to two times a week. So you gradually join this practice and will not provoke stress and fatigue. Do the asanas slowly and gently, constantly listening to himself. If a pose brings you pain or discomfort, don't suffer, change your body position.
At first the appearance of tired take a break and always carry a small bottle of water to be able at any time to quench your thirst. Don't attempt to exercise on an empty stomach, but it is not to eat. It is better to eat 2.5 hours before class. You can exclude from yoga all the asanas and to perform only breathing exercises and poses for relaxation. Because first and foremost exercise should bring you joy. If you, it will be fine and your baby.