To become a fairy for a second in advance to plan it carefully. Magical powers appear in people, this can take months or years of training. So if you want to be a magician to tune to the long and patient work.
Many of those who want to turn into a fairy house, gave it up half way before reaching desires, because they cease to believe in success. Believe in their own strength and that you will be able to learn magic.
If you have suddenly started to doubt that they are able to become a fairy for a second, think about those real people with superhuman abilities, of which you've heard. For example, Vanga and Nostradamus, predicting the future, psychics can read minds, finding various objects and see through walls.
Since fairy is not omnipotent, but can only control one element, to have only one gift, it must be developed. Even after extensive practice, learning to become a fairy, you may not immediately notice that they acquired special powers. So please try to exercise a variety of skills.
Do yourself a mascot fairy that when you develop superpowers could make the transformation in one second, just touching it. It is desirable that it consisted of several parts. The first part – something very familiar, reminiscent of the house that it was always easy to become a man. The second part is something green, it's ancient English myths, favorite color of all witches.
Add to the talisman the energy of the earth. It must be lonely growing flower. It is important that the distance from it to other flowering plants were at least fifty meters. Find it quite difficult, but without it becoming a fairy would be impossible.
Prepare the items denoting the power of water and fire. Collect
water from seven water bodies (rivers, lakes or seas), mix it in a glass, place it on the night of the window so that the water reflected the full moon disk. Light a match and extinguish in the glass. In the morning collect some water in a bottle and save it, the remnants of the pour at the crossroads of three roads.
Locate the object denoting the energy of the air. It must be the feather of a bird. Link collected all the items together and read over them a spell in Latin: "Ego filo quatuor industria iungere" (ego Philo Quattro Industria energa), which in Latin means "I take a thread, four energy, I combine". Keep the mascot, to help you become a fairy for a second.
Keep to yourself anything that you can give to the inhabitants of the magic worlds before becoming a fairy at home. It can be sweets, beads, a ring and other cute and nice things.
On the occasion of the meeting with the evil fairies, you can add to your mascot something metal. Also to deter them will help cross the water collected from seven rivers and seven lakes, clothing turned inside out. It is better not to come across such creatures, but even if you find yourself near them without protective items, do not fear them (otherwise they'll feel it), you need to look them in the eye, showing that you are stronger.
To develop and not to lose your gift to become a fairy house for one second, give me all your debts, perform all the promises that give myself and others. To become a witch will not the one who gave his word and broke it, and the one who has to another person obligations.
Often do good deeds, do good deeds. This will help you become the energy body of a fairy, sitting within you, to become stronger.
Learn a spell that will help you to become a fairy at home in a second. To perform the ritual, hold the talisman in his hand, close your eyes, and read in Latin: "Non sum vir fortis ego sum, ego sum Fortissimus" (non sum VIR Fortis ego sum, ego amounts, fortissimus), which means "I'm not human, I'm strong, Almighty." To turn from the fairy back into a human, touch the talisman and think of home.