Who are the witches

In connection with a variety of stereotypes, people often imagine witches as ancient humpbacked old women with grey hair and covered with warts and a hooked nose. They live in wooden huts in the deep forest in which keep their magical potions from frogs legs and unknown herbs. Man it's hard to imagine that a witch may not even be his sweet neighbor.

Over time the word "witch" has lost its original meaning. In the old days so called people who knew how to see what is hidden from others. The word "witch" originated in pre-Christian world meant knowing a mother. This was respected in the society woman with whom he consulted, to whose words listened, and no one's opinion was not taken any important decision for the community, whether it be the creation of a new family, a military campaign or the beginning of the sowing of the crop.

Attitude towards witches has changed dramatically with the introduction of Christianity. The Church saw witches threat of competitors and did everything to denigrate them. Charge and convict women of witchcraft they were accused of all sins. Only one of their existence was associated with the reduction of cattle epidemics, crop failures and droughts. Everywhere in Christendom witches were burned as dissidents. In medieval times across Europe were blazing the bonfires of the Inquisition. Over time, witches are turned into negative characters. They began to hide its existence, and those that managed to survive, began to call themselves witches and healers.

Who is the modern witch, and how to distinguish from ordinary people

It has long been developed so that responsible people are almost never born in large families. Often it is families with a mixture of different bloods. The gift of doing is inherited, but its initialization requires a special dedication, which exists in our days. Most often, initialization occurs suddenly due to the upheavals and tragic events. This is logical, if you look at the fact that the very essence of witch attracts dark forces. However, the gift is not always wakes up immediately. It so happens that the witches need to spend many years to accept and learn to use their abilities.

The modern witch does not differ in appearance from ordinary people. They are not endowed with any special charming beauty, are not distinguished by color of skin or hair. There is a perception that only their eye color can look different on different photos.

The behavior of the witches is also no different from the behavior of most people. They are easy to join, the company pleasant, but at heart always remain lonely. Even in the family circle witches feel strange.