Some women are able to note even small changes in your condition so that first signs of pregnancy they note almost immediately after the child is conceived. Others are not aware of the event and alert just in case of delay of menstruation. The signs can be different – some of them can be noted only in the case if a woman is prepared to conceive and carefully monitors all of its shades being.

Changes that affect pregnancy nipples, clearly visible even in the first weeks after conception. This is due to the change in hormonal levels, which contributes to preparation for the lactation period.

When it begins to change the color of the nipples during pregnancy

Around the fifth week of the term, and sometimes before, the woman notices that her Breasts become more sensitive, slightly swollen, and the nipples and the areola surrounding them has darkened considerably. The normal color of the nipple is considered a soft pink. But after some changes occurred during the beginning of pregnancy, the color gradually changes to brown. Changes can be accompanied by pain and increased sensitivity. The degree of darkening may be different on different sites. Pigmentation of the areola is darker than the color of purchased nipples.

Nipples change color because the body starts the active deposition of melanin, which produces fruit in large quantities – this is facilitated by sex hormones.

How to change the color of the nipples

Nipples darken not all women are the same. Sometimes such changes occur only by the end of the second month and occur gradually. There are women who have brown nipples almost unchanged. This is because, the hormones are not at all operate the same way – sometimes it passes almost unnoticed.

In pregnancy, the color of the nipples on each woman's individual. There are some General trends. These include, first and foremost, what changes will occur sure – nipples in any case, darken, the color will be brown, but the intensity of the shade depends on how a woman is receptive to the hormones.

Depending on the speed with which changes the pigmentation of the nipples, you can talk about how Breasts are ready for their next lactation. Do not be afraid if this happens too quickly. Still pink color to nipples will return only after completion of the feeding period.