Why learn about a new pregnancy may not be so easy

The main sign of pregnancy is delayed menstruation. During active lactation, menstruation in women, usually absent. The cycle can be restored only after 1-1,5 years after childbirth. But this is only averages. In each case, the terms of restoration of regular menstruation individual. If before the moment of conception, the cycle has not recovered, the woman not waiting for the next menstrual period, and may not even pay attention to the changes occurring in her body.

How to know about pregnancy while breastfeeding

Any suspicious change in health can serve as an indicator of pregnancy. Nursing mother should be careful to listen to your body. The most common signs of birth of a new life are nausea, dizziness, fatigue, mood swings.

Suspect pregnancy you can also on the presence of pain while feeding the baby. Some women admit that the pain of breastfeeding was quite strong. Cheerleaders should and enlarged Breasts, darkening of nipples.

Upon the occurrence of a new pregnancy in a woman may cease to produce milk, or its amount may be greatly reduced. It is a kind of protective mechanism. Because the body of the expectant mother in case of continuation of lactation will have very great burden, which in some cases is unacceptable.

May change the color, the taste of milk. Some mothers noted that upon the occurrence of a new pregnancy, their milk acquired a salty taste. Often kids that is why suddenly refuse the breast.

Do not ignore such symptoms as the appearance of unpleasant sensations in the lower abdomen, frequent urination. If a woman led to this diary measurement of basal temperature, it can pre-diagnose pregnancy by the sharp decrease of this indicator.

If you have any suspicion you may purchase pharmacy Express test and perform it at home. Make it pretty easy, and the reliability of this method is very high. You can also go to a gynecologist, because the change in well-being, the presence of pain may also indicate the development of gynecological diseases.