1. A pregnant woman is nervous, she has constant mood swings: she is crying, then laughing, then something else. This is partly true. Because the body women is hormonal changes and often have these mood swings, but no more, is largely dependent on the nature of a pregnant and with the pregnancy it may worsen.
  2. Pregnant must be extremely careful, and it is impossible to travel in a crowded bus. It is impossible to lift highly hands, nothing to do. You just need to lie down and lie. No. Pregnancy is not a disease, and if everything runs fine, no complications, active lifestyle even be useful. Besides, you need to focus on their condition.
  3. The fear that men will stop paying attention to them. This is a time when a woman blossoms, becomes more attractive and this is due to their round shapes.
  4. The loss of time. Many people believe that during pregnancy you will have to give up all his Hobbies, work, sports, study. You first need to focus on your health and what the doctor says.
  5. During pregnancy it is categorically impossible to put on makeup and get a haircut because the paint somehow affect the fetus, and the haircut takes a child's intelligence, strength and beauty. Of course, it is not. Because a pregnant woman will make yourself a makeover or new haircut, a child is not going to happen absolutely nothing.
  6. Many believe that after pregnancy, your shape will be shamelessly spoiled. Every woman's body is different, and time to bring the body in shape, you may need differently. It all depends on the aspirations of women to be beautiful and slim.
  7. Genetic predisposition. If the pregnant mother has gained in his time with a dozen or two extra pounds, it does not mean that her daughter to this subject. Or, for example, my mother had a difficult birth, and the daughter will be too heavy. This is an absolute myth.