Changes in the breast become noticeable about the second or third month of pregnancy. The breast becomes very sensitive, begins to increase in size. In some cases, there may be pain and itching. In General, the chest is actively growing in the first ten weeks after conception and, in some cases, prior to delivery. The reason for these changes is increased production of hormones estrogen and progesterone. The first stimulates an increase in the milk ducts, and the second promotes the development of glandular tissue.
Usually by the third month, on the chest there is a significant bluish veins, and the skin around the nipples getting a little darker. By the fifth month can greatly increase their own nipples, so the body is preparing for breastfeeding. There are quite a large number of women at this time, when pressure on the breast is allocated colostrum (yellowish liquid).
The chest may further increase before the birth on the eighth or ninth month. At this time again can appear painful sensations and increase sensitivity. It is very important to choose the right underwear for pregnant women in order to compensate for such changes, properly allocate increased on the back of the load to hold the Breasts in shape, minimizing the risk of stretch marks. Expectant mothers need to choose bras made of natural fabric with wide straps that evenly distribute weight on the shoulders, avoids back pain. Bra for pregnant women should not too hard to pull the chest. It is best to choose models that fasten in the front.
Several times daily need to wash the Breasts with soap and water, you can use a soft washcloth. Such procedures allow to prepare the Breasts for feeding. After washing, it is desirable to use a fatty cream for the treatment of the nipples to the surface is not covered with cracks.
A contrast shower will help to maintain skin elasticity and breast shape, however, the temperature drop should not be too large. If the breast skin has become very dry and sensitive, from a hot shower should be discarded, and after washing applied to the surface of the skin appropriate moisturizer.
During pregnancy it is advisable to use special restorative cream with silicones and vitamin E. unfortunately, these creams don't get rid of existing stretch marks but prevent new ones. It is advisable to start using such means already in the second month of pregnancy, when the breast enlargement becomes noticeable. Some beauticians recommend the use of these creams in advance for the prevention of stretch marks, of course, if the pregnancy was planned.