The negative emotional state of a pregnant woman can result in improper development of the embryo. It affects the formation of the cardiovascular system of the fetus, the child will be congenital heart disease. If the expectant mother is nervous in the middle of the pregnancy it can cause foetal hypoxia. In this period the embryo is already formed nervous system, and he feels the excitement on my mother's side. According to studies, the "nervous" pregnant women greatly increases the risk of birth children with asthmatic disease or with a small weight. A bad consequence of the negative emotional States are premature.
Condition during pregnancy has a great influence on the development of the unborn child. If the woman was calm during the period of gestation, the baby is born calm. The woman who took care of the nerves and annoyed over nothing, the child is restless, he will have a disturbed sleep and wakefulness. Such a baby will often change the mood, will appear a sensitivity for the changes that will cause severe irritation. As a result, he becomes maudlin and disturbing. Emotional state in pregnancy can disrupt immune system of the child, the baby will be sick often.
Belgian scientists have conducted an interesting study. They collected data on 71 woman and their babies, children examined after birth, and then at the age of 8-9 years. In the study, women filled out questionnaires, which allowed to set the level of stress experienced during pregnancy. When their child is aged 8 or 9 years old, mothers, teachers and third party observers evaluated the activity, the care of children and characteristic level of anxiety. Based on the study it was concluded that the most dangerous for the psyche of the unborn child is a period of 12-22 weeks, because this period proved to be the strongest link between women and anxiety disorders future of the child. The influence of a nervous condition during this period was stronger than the influence of the following factors: low weight at birth, Smoking pregnant, the levels of anxiety of the mother to the growing child at the age of 8-9 years.
Irritability and nervous anxiety during pregnancy is most often associated with hormonal changes in the body. To ease that will help walk in the fresh air, pleasant conversation, watching movies. Favorable effect on emotional state aromatherapy, positive emotions will cause oil patchouli, sandalwood and rose oil. Drugs, soothing the nervous system, is assigned only after the 16th week and in case of emergency. Prior to this date to make such drugs to pregnant women is contraindicated.