The fetus in the third week after conception

The embryo, more recently, composed of several tiny cells, gradually begins to grow, though not is large – on average, at this period, its growth is slightly more than one millimeter and a weight of about one gram, but it's already formed the embryo, in appearance of which it is possible to distinguish the head, eyes, hands, feet and other organs. With the floor of the future child is formed at the stage of connection of sperm and egg, and now starts laying the fabric for the genitals. There are the beginnings of the ears, nose and mouth slit, develop the liver and pancreas. Also in the third week after conception, begin to form the spine and nervous system of the embryo the brain and spinal cord.

For the development of the nervous system in the early stages of pregnancy the baby requires large amounts of folic acid, which many pregnant women are prescribed in pill form.

By about the fifth week obstetric fetus creates dependence on the state of health and mood of the mother. Now it will be very important and useful to eat, to conduct a correct way of life.

The woman in the third week after conception

First signs of pregnancy rarely occur immediately after conception, but on the third week, they are already visible in most women. The body itself has not yet started to change – the term is too small, the fruit has a miniature size and can't affect the shape and size of the abdomen. But first signs of pregnancy appear. First and foremost is the delay of menstruation, which usually happens by the fifth week obstetric.

There are other symptoms of pregnancy. Many women is morning sickness, which will end only for 10-12 week. Strong toxicosis – a reason to go to the doctor, as it can affect a child's development. A small nagging pain in the abdomen suggests that the uterus began to grow.

She began to put pressure on the bladder, so urination frequent.

In the third week after conception changes the taste preferences of pregnant women, which explains the change of a hormonal background and requirements of the organism to certain substances. But sometimes useful for baby products disgust. Also a pregnant woman is observed irritability, frequent mood swings, lack of energy – also the influence of hormones.

In the third week after conception the level of human chorionic gonadotropin – a hormone released in large quantities during pregnancy – is high enough to use blood tests or test to detect a pregnancy. Ultrasound can also with high probability show the embryo.