While the baby is in the womb of the mother, he often need to talk, and it can be done anywhere, anytime, in any situation. The child in the womb hears and understands a lot. Often, during a conversation with his unborn child, a woman may notice that the baby responds to her by shocks.
Interaction with the child in the womb of the mother may be not only the voice, but also a Pat, stroking, tapping women on your tummy. Such actions also develop the child's communication skills.
To facilitate the process of learning a foreign language a small child, to start practicing with the baby even when he is in the womb of the mother. A pregnant woman may read foreign literature, or to start learning a new foreign language. Naturally, the child will not understand the meaning of spoken foreign language phrases, but audio impulses are able to penetrate deep into the human brain, it will leave a trace in memory of the baby. Children who hear a foreign language from a very early age, learn foreign languages in school or kindergarten.
But mom can help your unborn baby not only with early learning of foreign languages, but with the formation he's got a great ear for music. This pregnant woman is enough to listen to the right music, e.g., classical: Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Mozart. But the works of Brahms are characterized by high anxiety, therefore during pregnancy it is better not to listen. It is scientifically proven that the notes heard a little music by touching of the nerve cells, are fixed in the right hemisphere of the brain, preparing, thereby, to use them in the future life of the child.
Walking in the fresh air and talking to his unborn baby about all that comes in its way, a pregnant woman also develops the baby. The more interesting mom will tell about the world, the more likely the kid himself wants to see it with your own eyes.
It is very important for the development of the unborn child's mother's peace of mind. The baby was more stress after its birth, you want to protect the baby from various worries and experiences before he arrived. The expectant mother should rest, if possible, not to meet with its irritating people forget about all the bad habits and to exclude from a daily viewer of the militants and horror.
Every second of his stay in mommy's tummy the baby gets new experiences. They form him as a person, imposing a lasting mark on all his subsequent life.