During the first three months of baby's life a day regimen is the constant time bathing a child and placing your sleep at night. A newborn baby is still very small to suck enough milk for one meal. He quickly gets tired, falls asleep. In addition, breast milk is digested very quickly, leaving the feeling of hunger. Therefore, pediatricians agree that breast-feeding should occur on demand.
In the first months do not try to produce equal intervals between feedings of the baby. Forcing them to wait for the allotted hours, you are pushing the child to the shouting and hysterics. First, it negatively affects the mental state of the baby. Secondly, after a few minutes of constant crying you will be difficult to calm the roar. At the same time trying to feed the child who is not hungry, you risk to provoke colic from overeating.
Starting with three to five months to follow the activity of their child. Many children are helping her mother in the organization of the day: get up at about the same time, align the intervals between feedings. For convenience, you can make a sign and mark of her time waking up, feedings, sleep, etc. After a week you'll notice a certain sequence.
If the mode is not set in a natural way, parents have to take matters into their own hands. Increase the portions of the food on offer and the intervals between feedings. At the age of 3-6 months the child is able to withstand 3-3. 5 hours without food. Distract toddler games, a bottle of water. If all else fails and your toddler requires food, feed him a small amount of milk or formula, leaving the greater part of the portion of the scheduled meal. Try to go for walks at the same time. Continue to observe the regime of bathing and bedtime. Night need to continue to feed the baby on demand.
Closer to six months in the children's diet introduces additional food. In their calorie content it is superior to breast milk, therefore the intervals between feedings can be increased to 4 hours. The child appears breakfasts, Lunches, dinners and food before bedtime. In between, offer your baby juice, water and fruit drinks. Night nursing can be gradually replaced with the yogurt.
To a small child, do not confuse day with night sleep, show him the difference. Do not have to turn off the background sound from the TV or radio in the afternoon, just enough to make the volume quieter. The shuttered Windows. Preparing for night sleep, you need to create a quiet and dark environment, good ventilated room. Help developed rituals that are repeated from day to day, for example, swimming – eating – reading – sleeping.