In the first three months of baby's life is particularly to be sensitive to the fact that breast milk gets into your baby's stomach. After all, if the baby is breastfed, his health still immature intestine depends on the food that the mother consumes. The well-known mainstream products which pediatricians do not recommend to include in the diet of lactating women: sodas, sweetened condensed milk, grapes and chocolate. Everything else is permissible, but within reasonable limits. Otherwise, the bloating and colic in the child can not be avoided, which is quite painful consequences of malnutrition in infants. If to avoid the pain of failed, the cause may be intolerance to certain foods. In this case, it is necessary to give the child special medication in the form of a syrup or suspension, their diversity in the modern pharmacy allows you to make a choice and based on price and characteristics of the organism grudnichka. But it is best to seek the advice of a doctor to recommend the most suitable for your kid. To alleviate the situation maybe a little massage of the belly, and applying warm heating pads.

If breast-feeding is impossible for objective reasons, do not get upset, because in the modern world there is a variety of milk formulas adapted specifically for the intestinal flora of your baby. Will only pick up the one that suits you.


I would especially like to cover the topic of hygiene. Little members of our society are born completely unsuitable to the environment and require careful maintenance. From the first days of life has allowed bathing of the child, the optimum water temperature is 37-38 degrees. Do not be afraid to wash your baby, only to control the security of this pleasant and useful process. Doctors recommend that in the first month of life of the children, to swaddle them during bath time – child who is not in control of his movement, not afraid of a sharp wave of his hand, and this ritual will be peaceful. In the water you can add herbal infusions or diluted manganese, which will calm the baby's skin, will dry diaper rash in the folds. Remembering the past, some doctors recommend to lubricate the groin area of babies boiled vegetable oil, but now a huge variety of ointments, creams, and powders easily solve this problem. As for diaper changes, change his worth as pollution , instead of relying on the time specified on the package.

Physical development

Physical exercises are important for the integrated development of the baby. His arms and legs are in tension and require a certain influence on them – massage, which is often recommended to be up to three times a year. You can own to do a set of exercises after consulting with a doctor who has a child. In such a complex consists of rubbing the limbs with your fingers or a massage ball, exercise "Frog", "Bicycle" and more. Do not forget about a five-minute air baths, which are way easy quenching of the baby, strengthens the immune system.

If it so happened that a baby is sick, don't listen to anyone's advice and immediately call the doctor – it will protect you from fatal consequences. Very often, temperature may appear suddenly, the reasons can be various: infection, flu or a reaction to teeth (pain from teething, too, can be relieved with medication, gums smeared with a special cream or gel, relieves pain).

Mental development

Nothing influences the healthy development of the child , as the realization that love him. So how can you communicate more with the baby, he needed tactile contact (stroking, kissing), emotional support ( encouragement, tone of voice, storytelling, singing, learning rhymes). Don't be afraid to wear often the child in her arms, fearing that he'll get used to it – in fact, the baby need to feel you, feel your scent, hear the heartbeat, baby is doing a more calm and balanced.