You will need
  • - a home theater;
  • analyzer autospectra;
  • - measuring of sound pressure level.
Prepare an apartment before you connect the home theater system, the walls and the floor must be Soundproofed. First, take a sheet of paper and consider the options of the subwoofer and speakers. If your system is a good subwoofer, set all the acoustics in a size Small and the subwoofer crossover set at 90 Hz.
Also install stereo 7.1 to the test signal worked the acoustics. Arrange the column in its place and set the volume levels. To configure the amplitude-frequency response, use the analyzer autospectra in real time, and measuring the sound pressure level.
Use the True RTA analyzer audio level to adjust the sound home theater system. Connect the line input and also the output of the sound card. Run The Sound System Calibration. Upload the calibration curve of the microphone. Connect the line output of the card with the receiver (with its stereohedron). Connect to the line input of the sound card microphone, set the range of 80. Set the limits for the axes of the sound, and frequency. Resolution set the RTA in 1/24 octave signal type pink noise. Turn on the generator and processing of the input signal.
Enable processing the input signal using the Go button to begin setting up the acoustics of the theater. Then wait 10 seconds, turn off the processing and generator. Write down under the schedule, the description of the measurement and save it with the command View – Save to Memory. Next, move the speakers, change listening position, adjust the crossover and re-repeat the measurement. Repeat these steps until all memory cells.
Compare the obtained curves, select the best, restore the settings according to the description of the chart and check the measurements. Setting the sound system, start with the subwoofer, then adjust the front speakers. Last set of Central, rear and other speakers. For subwoofer use range from 20 to 500 Hz.