Aries. Active and energetic representatives of this sign fit large, loud, hardy dogs. A good option would be a utility breed such as giant Schnauzer, German shepherd, Doberman, Malinois, boxer. Aries will benefit independent training your pet. This develops its emotional stability. Aries-hunters will suit the likes of different species. Impulsive representatives of the sign should choose a small but energetic dog breeds: Chihuahua, toy poodle, miniature Pinscher.
Taurus. Sedentary members of this sign do not want to have a pet: is annoying and bustle, and dirt a lot... Taking this way of life, Calves are very often prone to be overweight, so walking in the fresh air with the dog will only benefit. This sign of Zodiac are suitable quiet room decorative dog breeds: Shar Pei, pug, Pekingese, schotterer, Chow, scheiterer, Lhasa Apso, English bulldog.
Gemini. Funny, cheerful and communicative Gemini spirit fit restless, curious and loud Pets Cocker spaniels, collies, briards, Labradors, sheltie. Active walk in the fresh air contribute to raising the tone and vigor of the spirit Twin.
Cancer. Emotionally unstable Cancers require your pet the ability to instantly adapt. To restore peace of mind suitable calm and relaxed breed. It is worth considering the propensity of the Cancer to home comfort and coziness. So the dog should still be nice and fluffy: Maltese, skayterer, Newfoundland, Bobtail, Royal poodle, St. Bernard.
Lion. Royal persons of this Zodiac sign will fit aristocratic large breed dogs. Pets are an impressive size, but peaceful and confident it will perfectly suit the vanity of a Lion. He'd be happy with a Schnauzer, German Mastiff, English Mastiff, Irish wolfhound. Representatives of this sign are great trainers, and their Pets often win at various competitions.
Virgin. Those born under the sign of Virgo have the ability to manage virtually all Pets in my house and to make them useful to animals. The main thing that the dog sought to be a friend and not walk like a cat, by itself. The virgin herself will be engaged in training and since the childhood accustom your pet to order, since it clearly feels all the nuances of animal behavior.
Libra. Despite the fact that balanced and calm representatives of this Zodiac sign will not name, under their roof safely along any Pets. The changeable nature of the Scales is the cause of life's discomfort. Happy representatives of this sign will be in the case if you learn how to combine opposites and to develop strong character. Such opposites among animals can become marble dog and the Sphinx, a Doberman and a Briton or a Whippet and a Siamese cat.
Scorpio. The representatives of this Zodiac sign are able to understand the deepest secrets of the universe. Them to develop their supernatural ability to help dogs in black. They also help the Scorpion is easier to see the world and forget about the accumulated grievances. Suitable Pets breeds such as the Newfoundland, this dog, a Labrador Retriever, black dog, black Terrier and the other black breed, not decorative.
Sagittarius is best to find your four-legged friend on the street as a fun, cheerful, candid Pets will benefit this sign of the Zodiac. Such animals will teach him spontaneity and openness in relations will help to define the meaning of life.
Capricorn – the most peaceful and exuberant at the same time the sign of the Zodiac. In order to master their emotions, the representatives of this sign will help Shorthair dogs, because they contribute to the development of confidence in himself: Dachshund, French bulldog, boxer, Dachshund, Boston Terrier, bull Terrier, bullmastiff. Capricorn will benefit the taming dogs, as they are excellent commanders.
Aquarians are the great originals. The dogs choose rare and unusual breeds, with a colorful and unusual appearance, such as the Petit Basset Griffon vendeen, Chinese crested dog, Neapolitan Mastiff, Papillon, Mexican hairless, Italian Greyhound, English setter, Bernese mountain dog, the wire Fox Terrier. With this pet can easily stand out in a society like that of the Aquarius.
Fish. Representatives of this sign of the Zodiac fit vigorous but even-tempered and loyal Pets. Dreamy Fish like dogs in the way of soft toys, walks alone with them give the owner peace of mind and tranquility. You should choose such breeds as the American Cocker Spaniel, Golden Retriever, Maltese, Welsh Corgi or Dalmatian.