Compatibility male Pisces with the signs of water

The best partners for men to Fish among the signs of the Zodiac of the water element are Scorpio and Cancer. Scorpion woman appreciates the versatility of his nature, and he knows how well to adjust to her mood swings. Between the partners quickly established a strong spiritual connection, through which their relationship has all the chances to become strong and happy. In Alliance with the woman's Cancer is representative of the sign of Pisces is also able to find happiness: both signs have the same emotional needs perfectly complement each other. But this pair may lack practicality, so it can be difficult to cope with major life tasks, although the conflicts on this issue in their relationship are usually absent.

Compatibility male Pisces with the signs of the earth

In the first place for compatibility with man-Pisces – Taurus. Such a woman is suitable for him to marriage, as it is able to take on all the household chores and make their life together comfortable and stable. With other representatives of the earth element, the man-Fish do not have such good compatibility. The woman-Capricorn too ambitious and demanding, and with the Virgin Fish too large differences in the personalities and life priorities, so the man-Fish is only possible friendship or partnership.

Compatibility male Pisces with the signs of the air

With the air signs, the Fish rarely find common ground, however, life is often a Union between a male Pisces and female Aquarius. Both of these characters are creative and have a broad Outlook on life, and are attracted to each other. Their relationship can be very harmonious, especially if the man in this pair will be loyal to the restlessness and activity of his partner. Aquarius does not tolerate monotony, and a quiet family life with philosophically-minded male Fish will soon begin to chafe. If she can interest him in their Hobbies, the Union will be really durable.

Compatibility male Pisces with the signs of the fire

Among the fire signs, the male Fish is suitable only for Aries. A woman of this Zodiac sign like Pisces has an idealistic Outlook on life and love relationship, the partners will appreciate a rich inner world of each other. Aries woman completely frees the elect household chores, giving him complete freedom from earthly problems. But partners need to strive for equality and learn to yield to each other, otherwise their relationship can disintegrate.