The signs of fire

Aries people are energetic, because their pet needs to be active. Aries perfect Irish Terrier. The Irish Terrier has a high degree of mobility and a certain recklessness, very well matched to the nature of Aries.

The lions will approach the noble and playful creatures, such as pedigree cats. For example, Lions are often cute Siamese cats who in former times were kept only in Royal families. Cats always want to be the center of attention, like people under the sign of Leo.

Sagittarius is very energetic and activity of the individual, and they need a pet with the same character. For example, a great Dane. It is a dynamic and intelligent companion dog that needs a high level of physical activity.

The signs of the earth

Taurus – the real aesthetes and lovers of different tactile sensations. They tend to choose the animal, pleasant to the touch and loving physical contact. They will approach dog Spitz breed with long, soft wool.

Spitz very friendly and quickly become attached to people. This feature of them appeal especially prone to possessiveness of Taurus.

Capricorn is a practical man and loves order. He needs disciplined animal with high intelligence. Smart and obedient German shepherd will fit the Capricorn perfectly.

Virgo – meticulous and scrupulous people, animals and they need very clean. For example, the breed of dog Bernese mountain cattle has a high learning ability and diligence. These features undoubtedly will appeal to Virgins.

Air signs

Gemini – people are active and sociable, respecting high intelligence. Because the astrologers advise them to have talking birds. There are breeds of parrots, able to memorize vast amounts of words and expressions.

People under the sign of Libra have a refined taste and appreciate beauty and harmony in the world. They like a delicious, exotic birds like lovebirds. Libra will appreciate their beauty and gentle nature.

Aquarius – personality extraordinary and self-sufficient, they don't like anyone to depend on. They like all the unusual, this regards a pet. For example, suitable for Aquarius iguanas.

Signs of water

Cancers recommended to have a small pet that is easy to care for. These people have very well developed maternal instinct. For example, a friend can be a hamster or other rodent.

Hamsters – clean animals who love comfort and proper care. In this they are very similar to the Cancers themselves.

Scorpions expect from their Pets peace and tranquility, they are attracted by the mysteries and dark sides of life. Therefore, it is very suitable for spiders and snakes that do not require meticulous care. Besides, they don't require affection and communication that will appeal to Scorpions-are introverts.

Fish astrologers advise to choose their "compatriots" - aquarium fish. Fish get very tired from everyday worries, and observing a beautiful and tranquil fish will help them escape.