Western or Eastern horoscope to trust when choosing a partner?

East or, as it is called, Chinese horoscope characterizes the whole year. While the West considers the signs of the zodiac by months.

Some believe that the Chinese horoscope gives the installation for life, and the Western helps to make daily decisions. But in fact both of the horoscope represent the psycho-images of the individual. And in order to study in detail every aspect required the help of a professional astrologer. Any horoscope only tells what character traits inherent in man. It is known that human life affects not only the planets, but also the name that it bears, the environment in which he lives, is talking to whom.

There are cases when people are not compatible on a horoscope, live together a long and quite happy life.

Horoscope will help you to understand the person with whom want to construct relations, but main Advisor is your heart. Listen to it and you will understand who your other half.

What kind of relationship are waiting for the zodiac sign Dog with other signs of the Eastern horoscope?

The Dog may make a good love with a Rat. The rat is able to understand the nature of a Dog that guards his territory. Rat also appreciates the loyalty of a partner born in the year of the Dog. Both signs know how to handle myself in difficult situations, so they can also be good business partners.

The dog will be happy and peaceful with the Bull-woman. That is calm, confident woman-a Bull can give the dog a balance.

If a woman born in the year of the Dog, chooses a man-Bull, their relationship will be difficult. The dog can not live without entertainment that are not able to withstand the Bull.

The Union of the Dog with the tiger promises continuous competition. Dog seeks to get ahead, and the Tiger tries to maintain its supremacy. People of these signs need a common goal. Due to their activity they can do together a lot to achieve. But their Union can break the daily routine.

The dog and the Rabbit love security, they are honest, understand each other and able to support in difficult times. Their life is devoid of shocks. The dog is sensible and is able to see the partner's positive qualities. Rabbit does not like conflict, so happy to follow a strong Dog.

The dog and Dragon can't be happy together. Realist-the Dog takes the luster Dragon. She is constantly making him chuckle. The dragon needs admiration, and the Dog will not be able to give him that.

The serpent is the wisdom and mind is the dog's delight. Dog idealize your partner and seek to protect from harm. Snake likes the adoration and honesty of the Dog. Their Union can be supportive.

The dog with the Horse are good friends. They do not dominate and do not criticize each other. Sometimes this friendship turns into love. In this Union each lived their lives, and both are satisfied with it.

Sheep and Dog have a lot in common: both suspicious, prone to pessimism, demanding partner. They will only feed the negative of each other, so their Union is doomed.

Dog and Monkey do not cherish any illusions in relation to each other. Crafty Monkey doesn't understand the unselfishness of a dog, a Dog idealist cannot accept the principle of the Monkey. These signs can live together, but love their Union.

The relationship between a Dog and a Rooster is a constant battle. The dog does not tolerate the bragging of the Cock and tries to change it, but in vain. Cock critical to the Dog, but tries not to offend. If both are more reserved, their Union can last long.

The Union of the Dog with the Dog very successful. They have a stable financial situation, the family reigns understanding. Born in this year are able to appreciate each other, they are bored without a partner.

The dog will be happy and peaceful with a Pig. Their understanding of love and a good life match. They are honest, generous, respect each other. Pig gives Dog the optimism that has been lacking. The dog with interest, listening to the Pig and always follows her advice.