Compatible women of Aquarius with the signs of the air

One of the best partners for Aquarius among the signs of air are Libra. In this Union there is everything you need for a long and lasting relationship: common interests, equality and mutual understanding. In Aquarius and Libra is a very good sexual compatibility and truly sensual, deep connection. Partners can spend a lot of time together, no annoying each other.

Another representative of the air element, with which the women of Aquarius formed excellent relationships are Twins. Both are intelligent, inquisitive and independent, and have a similar Outlook on life. But despite good compatibility, their relationship may be short-lived because of the frivolity of the Twins.

Compatible women of Aquarius with the signs of the fire

The most suitable for a female Aquarius signs of fire are Aries and Sagittarius. Male Aries attracted to her energy, love of change and variety. But some astrologers believe that Aries and Aquarius are better suited as friends or lovers, as in marriage, this couple is not always possible to reach an understanding. Aries – the owner, who will control the woman-the Aquarius at all, but she's with her desire for freedom will not be able to tolerate this.

With Sagittarius woman-Aquarius also add up fairly harmonious relationship. Both love freedom, communication and travel. In this pair quite quickly established a strong spiritual connection. Between them, the possibility of very deep feelings and strong passion. But this Alliance was long and rugged, the Aquarius will have to exert a lot of effort, as changeable Sagittarius need a partner that will constantly change and surprise him.

Compatible women of Aquarius with the signs of the earth

Of the representatives of the earth element Aquarius is best suited for the Capricorn. This reliable and serious man balances her violent emotions, and she gives him inspiration and ease. The stumbling block between them may be the difference in the characters: male-Capricorn values stability and peace, whereas his companion may be too frivolous.

Another sign of the zodiac earth element, which has good compatibility with Aquarius is Taurus. Between them there is a mutual attraction, and they perfectly complement each other. But often this pair is hard to find a common language, besides too practical and down-to-earth Taurus can easily be bored Aquarius.

Compatible women of Aquarius with the signs of water

Among the water signs are the most appropriate for Aquarius astrologers called Pisces. Have a female Aquarius and a male Pisces is a similar view of the world and a lot of common interests. They have all the chances for a happy marriage, full of love and harmony, but only if the man-Fish will be active and will try to share many passions of his companion.