Orphans are eligible to receive free vouchers to children's camps, sports and tourist camp or sanatorium-resort treatment (under medical indications). Additional charge for travel to destinations and back.
Orphans are eligible to receive free meals in secondary schools. These institutions should be public.
Orphans have the right for preferential admission to higher educational institutions and in educational institutions of secondary vocational education. The children are on full state support and have the opportunity to receive social benefits during the training period.
Orphans are entitled to receive labour or social pension. In the case that the deceased parents had seniority, children can receive a retirement pension. It is calculated from two components: employment history and insurance part. If the insurance part of the dead parents had, the children receive a social allowance survivors ' benefits. This payment is appointed in the Department of the pension Fund.
Orphans, located in social institutions, are eligible to receive cash benefits upon release from this facility. And they must be provided with clothes and shoes.
Orphans who are studying in educational institutions are eligible to receive an annual cash allowance to purchase textbooks and clothing. This payment corresponds to the three-month scholarships.
Orphans have the right of preferential journey on intracity and intraregional transport. They also have the opportunity once a year to purchase a free ticket for transportation to the place of residence and back to the place of study.
For orphaned children who for medical reasons have issued a sabbatical, there is a scholarship and paid before leaving academicus.