You will need
  • -passport with the registration
  • -certificate confirming the status of orphans
  • -application to the guardianship
  • -statement to the district administration
  • -certificate of family composition
  • -marriage certificate if it is signed
  • -birth certificate for children, if they are
  • -a document stating that you do not have own housing
  • -reference from place of work or study
  • -photocopies of all documents
  • -may require additional documents
In order to get a living space, having the status of orphans, you must apply to the guardianship and custody of the desire to take advantage of benefits for housing.
Simultaneously, apply to the local administration. It must be done before the age of 23. After that age the right to free housing is lost. Attach to the application a list of required documents.
Having considered your application and submitted documents, you are put into a privileged place for the apartment. About the decision of the Commission will notify you in writing. In housing you get it first or you will pay to purchase housing on a cashless basis. Payment can be made as many square metres as required by the housing regulations in the region.
Very often housing have to wait long. You need to constantly go to the administration and the guardianship and to learn about the promotion of your business. If this is not done, the housing can not wait.
The housing is made under the contract of social hiring.