Delayed payment of wages for any period of time is an administrative offence responsibility for which is provided by the current legislation. In particular, for organizations for such violations shall be fined in the amount of 30-50 thousand rubles. Individual entrepreneurs will be obliged to pay 1 to 5 thousand rubles. The same punishment is provided for officials (e.g. head of company, chief accountant), the fault which admitted delay.
An alternative form of administrative punishment for the delay of salary payment for companies and individual entrepreneurs is the suspension of activity, a period which can be up to ninety days. This penalty is applied relatively infrequently, so its purpose should be calculated only when a significant extent of the violation or repeated delays for a short period of time.
If the delay of the salary from the individual entrepreneur or Manager of a company caused by selfish personal interest, and the period of partial delay is more than three months, may be followed by criminal prosecution. The penalty will be imprisonment for a year or compulsory work for the same period. Alternatively, the mentioned types of liability, a penalty in the amount up to one hundred twenty thousand roubles or deprivation of a special right (e.g. the right to entrepreneurial activity) for a period of up to one year.
More strict criminal liability is provided for in the case if wages are fully delayed, and the delay period exceeds two months. In this case, can be sentenced to a fine in the range of 100-500 thousand rubles, and as alternative forms of punishment provided for the above deprivation of liberty, compulsory works or deprivation of a special right. The maximum term of each of these types of liability extended to 3 years.
Finally, the employer is liable to employees, the payment of wages which he was detained. The amount of liability is one three hundredth of the refinancing rate set by Central Bank of the Russian Federation, of the unpaid amount for each day of delay. The guilt of the employer is irrelevant to bring to this responsibility, interest employees must be paid for any delay.