You will need
  • - a certificate of non-payment of wages;
  • - statement to the Bank;
  • - a statement to the court.
If you do not pay wages, and you can't make the next payment on the loan, contact the employer, will receive a certificate confirming the fact of delay.
Next, contact the Bank with a statement in which ask to postpone payment. Apply the received certificate. A credit institution can give you a specific time for which you will need to make a minimum amount of repaying the interest rate on the loan. But this outcome is only possible at best. Banks are very reluctant to grant a deferment of payments and do so only as an exception for bona fide customers who regularly repay the full amount monthly payments.
While the Bank is unprofitable to go to the conflict and to collect the debt in enforcement. Moreover, the courts of the Russian Federation almost always take the side of the client. Judicial recovery of debt entails an inventory of the property, if the client has no income because of non-payment of wages, and no Bank account. And the property must be implemented before the debt will be repaid. Therefore, the Bank is always profitable to engage in constructive dialogue and to still get the borrowed funds issued to the client in full.
Of course, if you have solvent sureties to the deferred payment will not work. Guarantors shall bear proportionate liability on the loan payments along with the client and in the case of delayed repayment of installments required to pay the full amount in full.
If the Bank refused to grant you a restructuring, contact antikollektorskogo Agency or lawyer who specializes in credit cases. This is especially effective if the Bank has transferred the case to recover the debt to a collection Agency, which in many cases is illegal.
With an employer who does not pay timely wages, you can recover the entire amount in the court order, to require a penalty and forced to collect all amounts accrued by the Bank penalties.