You will need
  • - castor oil;
  • yogurt;
  • - lemon.
  • - small jar with lid.
Castor oil has a pleasant taste and can cause an attack of vomiting. So buy the oil in gelatin capsules. Liquid castor oil add to yogurt or yogurt drink is water with lemon. This will not negatively affect the quality of a laxative. But in this case, the admission of castor oil is not accompanied by taste discomfort.
Treatment castor oil for constipation should not be long lasting, so how to use castor oil can be no longer than 3 days. Increasing the rate of the people substantially weakens your intestine, disrupting its function. It is not excluded that in a short time without the use of castor oil it will be impossible to achieve emptying.
If you decide to spend with castor oil cleansing the body, blend the liquid castor oil with lemon juice. Please note that juice should be in 2 times more than the castor oil. Both ingredients pour into a clean small jar and tightly close it with a lid. Shake well the contents of the tank and drink, until the mixture is separated into juice and castor oil.
After drinking castor oil is not recommended, so as not to interfere with the cleaning of the intestine, which will start after 1.5-2 hours. Better not drink castor oil at night. The best option is to allocate a free day for a cleaning process. It is also desirable that between the last meal and drink castor oil it took 4-5 hours. To use this method of cleaning is recommended not more than 1 times during the week.
Please note contraindications to the use of castor oil. Banned the use of castor oil in the presence of acute inflammatory processes in the intestine, nephrosonephritis, glomerulonephritis and uterine bleeding. Beware to use any laxatives, including castor oil during pregnancy. Relaxation of intestinal muscles can cause premature birth.