Friendly enthusiasts Rams, for example, can be considered great friends, because he is not able to betray and to be with his best friend and in great sorrow and in great joy. However, being next to them, you need to prepare for obedience, because these signs just love to dominate and dominate.
Not loving verbiage Taurus - loyal and trusted colleagues, despite the fact that conversations can not support and do not know how, will always have financial support, help with money to pay.
Always full of new ideas for Twin - very funny and friendly friend, despite the fact that the strong partnership with him obviously will not work, he is able to defuse the situation, to create an atmosphere of lightness and ease.
Sociable and require regular psychological involvement in their lives and the Cancers themselves can become a "life vest" for your neighbor. In a difficult moment will carefully listen, give good advice.
In order to make friends with a Lion, you must be quite an erudite and worthwhile person, after all, kings who like noisy, outrageous parties, needs to have a people who are obliged to praise and entertain.
Responsible Virgo hate noisy activities, attracting unwanted attention to their person, however, on ordinary days with a great pleasure will come to you at home with your pasties and a sincere desire to help in cleaning.
Libra - friends for many years, subject to human passions and emotions, transform the friendship into a bowl, filled and bright conflicts and reconciliations.
Jealous Scorpios are not only responsible approach to the choice of comrades, but tenaciously stick into them their "feet", jealous and does not tolerate when their own friend pays too much attention to someone else.
Adventurers archers in the life of just one faithful friend with whom to share the joy of adventure, come to mind. Sagittarius perfect partners for the lions and the Twins.
Silent Capricorn is quite difficult to find a common language, but make friends with them one day, you will find a reliable and right half, which is always and everywhere will come to the rescue in the most difficult moment. But friendly and sociable Aquarius, on the contrary, it's quite easy to meet people and have hundreds of friends in social networks and in real life.
Pisces is very difficult to converge with others in order to get them you need to show adujie patience and spend a lot of effort to get users interested and began to trust you.