Love Pisces and Scorpio

About those signs say - opposites attract. After all, Sagittarius the element of Fire, and the Fish – Water. These natural phenomena are never mixed, but if people born under these signs love each other, they have many emotions. Though not always joyful. All unpleasant events on love front will be called with character traits. Fish - people are very careful and Pets. They prefer the quiet evening in the family circle, rather than noisy parties and adventures. The archers - on the contrary, an adventure, something new and interesting. Such impulses often concerned partners-Fish, they try to reason with archers, but do not always succeed.

In General, the love of these characters – the eternal struggle of contradictions and interests. But it does not mean that such couples have no future. If there is love, people will be able to find a compromise. To do this, the archers need to be more tolerant and sensitive to the partner, and the Fish to give a little more freedom to their partner. The best option for the Union of these characters, when the Sagittarius man, Fish - woman. Get that strong man with a soft, vulnerable woman. If on the contrary, the wife quickly gets bored in marriage and to go in search of adventure.

Partnerships Pisces and Scorpio

In these signs can make a strong tandem. Sagittarians have boundless energy and overflowing, and the Fish have the necessary patience to adjust to their partner. These characters look at one problem, but from different sides. Sagittarians appreciate everything in General, think big, and the Fish are concentrating on the details. This approach allows you to avoid embarrassing mistakes in working together. Partnerships a couple is almost always based on mutual respect. And if the Archer and the Fish was able to find the right balance, success in all undertakings is guaranteed.

Friendship between Pisces and Scorpio

The friendship of these zodiac signs is based on mutual interests. Exactly the opposite traits and different life energy, fascinates Pisces and Scorpio to each other. If you love these people have many contradictions, it is friendship all the way. True fire sign need to be careful in words as the straightness often hurt the Fish, but the rest of the friendship they have is perfect. That is a watermark usually takes the interesting ideas that the active Archer immediately realizes. Through this "separation" of interest to each other is only growing stronger.