You will need
  • - permit for the reconstruction;
  • - coordination of reconstruction with the regional authorities;
  • - title documents to the house;
  • - copy of cadastral passport and technical description of the housing;
  • - passport;
  • project;
  • - a sketch;
  • - public liability insurance.
To obtain permission to perform the above actions, collect documents and arrange them in the manner prescribed by law. First, contact the Bureau of technical inventory to obtain a copy of the cadastral plan and all the technical characteristics of housing.
To the obtained documents, attach original documents and a photocopy of the title documents for housing, show your passport and write a statement for the reconstruction, which indicate all you are going to change and alter.
Call a licensed architect to draft and sketch reconstruction. If you are going to change engineering networks and communications, then in addition, you will need a sketch and a draft replacement of the networks, you have to agree not only in architecture Department in local administration, but also with suppliers of these resources. For example, to replace gas pipes or transfer stationary gas stove approval place in regional gas service. When replacing the heating system in regional utility systems, to replace the grid coordinate it with the electricity supplier.
Show all sketches, designs, coherent in all these bodies to the Department of architecture and urban planning. You will be given a decision of the chief architect of the city or district.
Please see all documents in the regional fire protection service. Get resolution on documents senior officer for fire supervision of the city or district.
Apply to SES. We will receive the decision of the chief sanitary doctor of the city or district. All documents coordinate with responsible representatives of the owner of the house.
The final stage is your appeal to the Department of housing policy. Please submit all originals and copies of the collected documents. After reviewing your documents, you will be the decision with the signature of the head of the city or district. This is the resolution for reconstruction. Then you will only have to insure the risk, i.e. to issue civil liability for carrying out all works and begin reconstruction.
Gathering documents you will spend from 2-3 months to 1-2 years, it depends on the rate that you will pay for obtaining all necessary documents from the region in which you reside. After reconstruction to legalize alterations you will be required to pass all the same way.