The study of law In the first place you have to see the resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation from 25.04.2012, №390 "On fire mode". For example, according to the document, the head of the organization must post the evacuation plan in case of fire on objects with mass stay of people. In addition, he shall designated Smoking area labeling plates with inscription "Smoking area". The examination Room meets the requirements specified in the resolution. What's next? Order your expertise in the fire inspection in the area where your business is registered. For this you need to fill out an application form (the form you can get at the place of treatment). If you evaluate the premises not through a private company licensed by, and directly through the fire inspection fee for the procedure are to be applied. The inspector will set a date and time of the examination. Inspection shall be conducted only in the presence of the Director or officer who was appointed responsible person for fire safety. At the end of the examination the inspector will issue a conclusion on the basis of which you can obtain permission. The documents for registration of the permission of the fire inspection to obtain a permit fire inspection, you need to collect the following documents: - application for obtaining a permission; - the conclusion issued by the expert; - the lease agreement or evidence of ownership. Obtaining approvals Submit the documents to the authority of fire control, which is located at the registration address of your company. Obtaining a permit is free. The decision to grant or deny the document is accepted by the authority within 5 working days. The term of the permit is unlimited in compliance with all requirements prescribed in the Government decree. If the audit had identified minor violations, to address them given the time and the supervisor issued a temporary permit. Appeal the decision If you disagree with the decision can appeal it to a higher authority (e.g. a court or Legally). To do this within 10 days, provide to the authority a copy of the decision and apply for reconsideration of the decision. As you can see, to permit fire inspection is not difficult! The main thing – to comply with all rules and regulations established by the legislation of Russia. If you have no time to obtain permission, contact a private company. For a fee they will try to bring your premises in accordance with the requirements and will issue all the necessary documents.