Advice 1: Illegal is - where to complain?

In Moscow, established 18500 official advertising structures owned companies 359. Billboards, stands, screens present us goods, institutions, and initiatives. But however annoying sentence comes to us in the yard, underneath the glass of our car, promote illegal goods to our children. How to deal with illegal advertising?
Illegal is - where to complain?

Cases of illegally installed advertising banners, light boards, screens, intricate designs on the roofs and facades of houses are not uncommon. Some of these structures are not simply installed illegally, but also prevent the movement of vehicles and pedestrians, distort buildings, narrow sidewalks limit the view for drivers.

Often the outdoor advertising pop up unexpectedly in places where they is no room. For example, residents of lower floors of an apartment building complain that the building in front mounted led display of huge size. In the dark constantly changing advertising flashes, disturbing normal rest.

Where to complain of illegal advertising in the city?

Some designs are mounted on public transport. In order to attract the attention of an increasing number of residents of shields are fixed to the supports located near the stops, covering the overview and impeding visibility of approaching buses and taxis.

It is also illegal installation of advertising signs and banners on the balconies or window openings without the consent of the tenants, the owners of these buildings or apartments.

Such actions of the advertisers are unacceptable and subject to punishment in the form of fines and warnings. In case you don't know where to complain about illegally installed advertising, you can contact the Office of the Federal Antimonopoly service in Moscow. In abbreviated form this organization called the Moscow OFAS Russia. In case of disputes, placing the organization adheres to the Federal law "On advertising" №38-FZ dated 13 March 2006.

Functions for supervision of legality of the installation of advertising structures has the CPS, which can handle both physical and legal persons. This organization keeps track of illegal structures, advertising prohibited goods. For example, by law you cannot advertise alcoholic beverages, so if you witness the installation of such shields, you can feel free to contact the office of Rospotrebnadzor in their city.

How to stop the illegal posting of ads

Many had to deal with ugly tables or bus stops, similar to a porcupine because of the many small ads that no one will ever see. Unlike the illegal advertising constructions, there is a possibility of direct interaction with the object. You can hit the ad or to try to prevent reklamonositel, prigroziv call the police and a fine. However, it is not the job of residents.

In the case of display ads in the hallways, on the walls, in elevators, on the doors, pillars and trees, you can go to the district who in turn will contact the appropriate authorities. You can write a complaint to the management of the building company, the district administration or the anti-monopoly Committee. This will help not only you but also all the tenants to avoid the hassle to achieve results with minimal costs.

What are the online services for applying for illegal advertising

Volunteer organizations also conduct the fight against illegally established advertising. They clean the walls of the houses, dismantled the panels, which are unspecified in the law. Activists put forward proactive proposals to tighten the regulatory framework in the field of advertising. Weeklies raids, the purpose of which is to identify the illegal installation of structures and the removal of such advertising city streets.

One such organization is the Fund of struggle against corruption.

On the website anyone can leave the online statement, which will indicate the place, where he was spotted illegally established advertising. You can report companies that are constantly putting up more flyers, not having any legal rights.

Where to complain about the advertising prohibited goods?

Sometimes you have to become witnesses of such advertising messages that advertise drugs. In this case, you must apply to the Federal service for drug control (FSKN), police or utilities.

The inscriptions on the pavement considered to be the area of responsibility of the authorities of the city. But public organizations are taking in solving this problem most directly involved. They organize voluntary groups that go to the streets, paint over ads, overwrite phone numbers. Best to send complaints to several organizations such as the Federal drug control service, housing and the police.

The official authorities

Telephone hotline of the Federal drug control service: +7 (495) 621-43-91

Contact center for housing and communal services of Moscow:

8 (495) 726-80-49 8 (903) 726-80-49

Phones of hot lines of housing and communal services Department of the city of Moscow:

8 (499) 921-02-01 8 (495) 664-62-91 (from 9:00 to 12:00, 13:00 to 17:00) 8 (495) 726-80-49 8 (903) 726-80-49 (for calls from mobile phones).

Telephone hotline GU MVD of Russia in Moscow: 8 (495) 698-66-61

Advice 2: Where to complain on the Elevator

A problem with the lift is a headache residents of high-rise buildings. In the process of operation of the lifting device detected a variety of defects and breakage, and it is not always clear who is responsible for them. To solve problems it is important to know where to go in the first place and who require the proper execution of the services for which you pay.
You will need
  • phone
  • - contact the service organization
  • - the complaint in writing
Call in dispatching service of the service organization. According to the Decision of Gosstroy dated 27.09.2003, №170 "On approval of the Rules and norms of technical operation of housing", the management company (partnership of housing owners, housing cooperative etc.) must eliminate defects in the operation of the lift within days after treatment. In the mentioned decree also spelled out, if damage has occurred in the evening, at night or on a weekend, you should call the emergency service of the city.
Refer to the instruction supports the organization. If after the call to the dispatcher service of the required response and the problem with the Elevator remained unresolved, you should contact the operator directly with a written complaint. The decision of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 491 dated 13.08.2006 year provided that the lift is part of the General property of an apartment house, for which the management company should implement appropriate supervision. The duties of the public utilities also includes maintenance of the common property clean and carry out the necessary repairs.
Find out the management company the real causes of the failures of the lift. If the lift system in your home not working for a long time, you may require expensive expertise or even a complete replacement of Elevator equipment, and it is not the responsibility of those involved in communal issues. However, the representatives of the organization must give you a full explanation and a solution to the problem.
Please contact the Office of Rostekhnadzor. This action should be taken if a written request of a Servicer, has not yielded results. Another reason to go to the higher authorities was the refusal of the management company to take your complaint. In these cases, lawyers are advised to write the application in Prosecutor's office.
Complaints it is better to make two copies. One must stay where you are applying, you will have the other. At the same time on both documents must have date, signature and title of who received them. This will help to prove his innocence in the case proceedings also increase the degree of responsibility of the receiving party.
Useful advice
If the grievance is collective, it is likely that it will be reviewed faster. Briefly and clearly describe your claims in a written document, find more neighbors who agree with your arguments and ask them to put their signatures. If you have any photos or any documents on the issue, please attach them.

Advice 3: Where to complain of the administration

Officials do not always meet the ordinary citizens in need that they listened and took appropriate action. If the representative of the local administration does not respond to your letters, refuses to meet under any pretext, should complain to him.
Where to complain of the administration
You need to have on hands the text of the letter sent by you to the administration, as well as proof that the treatment took place. It is sufficient to provide the shipping receipt, mailing acknowledgment of receipt of the letter.
As for the refusal of an official of a personal meeting, to fix this very difficult. So it is better to contact the official in written form and so that the fact of receipt of your request have been recorded. For example, you can deliver a letter directly to the local administration, let on your instance will put a note on that appeal is accepted. You can send your appeal by certified mail with return receipt requested, retaining issued to you in the mail the shipping receipt.
Under the law, namely article 12 of the Federal law "On the procedure of consideration of citizens of the Russian Federation", written appeal, which was submitted to the state local authority or official, is considered within 30 calendar days from the date of registration of the appeal. Its registration is made within three days after receipt.
The period of consideration in exceptional cases may be extended but not more than 30 days. You should notify. Also, if the issues outlined in the appeal, does not fall under the jurisdiction of the authority, he is obliged to forward the email within 7 days from the date of its registration in the body authorized to solve the stated issues. You should also notify.
A period of 30 days to answer the appeal authorities set in relation to queries, the order of which is regulated by FZ "On providing access to information about the activities of state bodies and bodies of local self-government." That is, if you asked for his address to provide information regarding the rules of government, you also must answer within 30 days.
If the official response within 30 days was not followed, you have the right to appeal to it (in the absence of a response): to a superior official, the Prosecutor or to appeal the inaction of officials in court.

Advice 4: Where to complain about cars

None of the yard residents are not immune from the stranded car, which will stand for months, for years. It is gradually torn in parts, and this is not just an unattended automobile, and real clunkers. Or perhaps someone is parked on the sidewalk, and it prevents pedestrians. In fact, and in another case you need to complain where necessary and this machine will be removed, however, we must also know where to complain.
Where to complain about cars
Have you noticed a parked car in the yard, she stands at the curb or prevents the passage of other vehicles. With the look she's all right, that is clear to see that the car is not abandoned, but the owner been a while. In this case it would be appropriate to apply to the traffic police.
Take a picture of the car, Parking lot, write a letter to the head of the traffic police unit where you intend to apply. The application form is free. To send the application in traffic police by mail or you can write an e-mail. Another option is to go to the district. In the result of incorrectly parked car will drive to a special Parking area.
What to do if the car is parked all the rules and traffic violations not? If the car is in the yard for a long time (for example, a couple of weeks), and cannot set its owner, you can contact the police about a suspicious vehicle. Because cars can be stolen. But if it turns out that, say, the owner is resting himself somewhere abroad, the authorities will not claim to it, unless the car is parked according to the rules.
The situation avtohlama thrown in the yard. From the car, which is not "signs of life", which was taken away for parts and it was not the car, and debris can be removed by contacting local authorities.
Take a picture of the abandoned car, write to the local administration, municipality a statement in which ask to take measures to eliminate avtohlama.
Then everything will depend on what regulatory instruments are in your community. Most often in cases when you want to remove from the yard clunkers, after receipt of the application the representatives of the traffic police and local authorities collect a Commission, whose members check the facts contained in the statement, identify the owner of the car, and he gets the instruction with the requirement to bring your car in order. A similar requirement is posted on the car, if the owner failed to install.
Waiting for the reaction of the owner of the abandoned cars are usually about 30 days, after which the vehicle is evacuated and disposed. The costs for this are paid from the local budget if the auto owner could not be established.
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