Getting to the redevelopment or reconstruction must first comply with the requirements of the existing Housing legislation, it is not only facilitate the registration of redevelopment, but also help to avoid the constant checks of the municipal services.
At the stage of choosing a real estate need to find out whether the object is part of residential properties and whether it is possible to redevelop. The particular complexity associated with multi-storey houses and first floor in the old Fund as a legitimate redevelopment need to spend a lot of additional funds for diagnostics of the communication and additional reinforcement of supporting structures. Without these actions, to legitimize the redevelopment of the area will be impossible.
Therefore, proceed with the redevelopment, you need to study the condition of the house and premises, coordinate ongoing work with representatives of state institutions and fulfill all their requirements.
Particular difficulties arise when simultaneously with the redevelopment of the area transferred to non-residential Fund, however, to cope with this problem, will help firms specializing in such services.
After carrying out all works required to comply with all requirements and registration of redevelopment, however legal alterations eliminates all the issues with the owner and, therefore, further claims on the part of authorities and other inspection bodies will follow.