Tooth extraction – the procedure itself is complicated. But there are times when it is even more complicated by additional factors. Among these is the split of the tooth during removal and removal of a broken part of the tooth. As a rule, after manipulations aimed at solving such problems, a patient is sent for x-rays to confirm that all the pieces of the tooth removed. However, it happens that due to improper survey the fragments are not identified and this is seen then.

Symptoms that can cause the presence of the fragment in the gum

The situation with the rest of the splinter in the gum can cause these symptoms:

• redness of the gums in the area of the extracted tooth;
• increase in body temperature;
• purulent discharge from the gums;
• acute pain, etc.

All this unpleasant. Besides, possible scenario, in which the inflammatory process begins to spread to the neighboring gums. And it is even more serious. Therefore, if you notice the rest of the tooth in the gum, you need to see a specialist.

No self manipulation to take in any case can not – it can lead to greater inflammation and deepening of the shard. One can only try to eliminate the pain for a while, until you manage to get an appointment to the dentist.

How can you eliminate the pain in a situation, when the gum was a piece of tooth?

There are ways to help reduce pain caused by inflammation of the gums caused by the presence in it of the fragment of the tooth. Among them are such.

Method 1: antiseptic bath (rinsing the mouth). For this procedure, suitable substances such as:

• Miramistin;
• water 0.05% solution of Chlorhexidine;
• soda-salt solution;
• infusions of herbs – chamomile, calendula, eucalyptus, etc.;

Rinsing the oral cavity to obtain the effect you need at least 1 minute.

Method 2: taking pain medication. Many dentists recommend taking such a drug as Nurofen. If it is not available or when the pain is unbearably strong, you can take Ketanov. In this case, it should be remembered that this drug can cause a toxic reaction (that's why it was included in the list of medicines that may be sold only by prescription).

Method 3: receive funds, relieving inflammation. For removing the swelling with the gums is recommended to take Suprastin or Tavegil. Form of the drug (injection or ingestion) does not matter.
All these methods are temporary assistance. At the first opportunity should go to the doctor.