How many days have hurt the periosteum

Even if the doctor removed the tooth easily, under local anesthesia, without cutting the gums and sutures, discomfort can not be avoided: surgery is surgery. And to recover the tissue at the injury site as quickly as possible and to protect them from sepsis, the body forms at the site of the wound aseptic inflammation. That is, the hole of the tooth begins an intense rush of blood, which she's a little swollen. The swelling compressed the nerves and pain. Normal pain in the periosteum lasts no more than three days.

The exceptions are cases where the tooth extraction was performed in parts with excision of the soft tissue and periosteum. In this case, and the healing longer and the pain lasted longer. But these patients are always under medical supervision, so the complications they have, as a rule, much smaller.

Dangerous complications

If the periosteum after removal of toothache the fourth day more if the pain continues and even increases, increasing swelling and redness, you should immediately consult a doctor. Most likely, the protective blood clot is separated from the tooth, and the wound became infected. In any case, you cannot expect that everything will resolve itself. If the picture worsens, then in itself it will not work — can only be worse. If you miss the moment, it is possible to prevent severe complications: osteomyelitis, periostitis, phlegmon and sepsis.

Additional risk of complications is undertreated channels and poorly audited the wound.

Do not forget that within the heads of all the bodies are very close to each other, and the blood the infection can easily get into the brain.

How to improve your condition before visiting the doctor

If the tooth extraction too worried, you can rinse your mouth with soda solution or decoction of chamomile or calendula. Monitor the temperature of liquids — it should be between 36-38 degrees. In any case, do not use with hot liquids — they will only aggravate the infection.

If simple rinsing of the mouth the pain persists, then you can apply anti-inflammatory drugs like ketorol or nimesil. They will help to combat inflammation, and their analgesic effect lasts 6-8 hours. In addition, they are well reduce body temperature in fever.

In any case it is impossible to start to drink antibiotics — they appoint a doctor!

If the condition worsened to fever, feeling of fullness in the mouth, General weakness and loss of strength, need to stay in bed and, if possible, call the doctor at home. With this development of the General intoxication possible hospital treatment in the Department of oral and maxillofacial surgery.

So you need to monitor their condition after tooth extraction. And, if the pain persists more than three days, you need to go visit your doctor.