First of all, decide the format sheet, which will be presented with the advertising message. For different target groups and places of distribution of different acceptable formats. So, the format of a standard sheet of A4 or A5 handy in case the posting will be carried out, for example, by courier to offices. If the advertising flyer is to be distributed to passers-by on the street, better to stay on small format A6.
To make an advertising flyer working, select the correct text of the advertising message. Often leaflets sin platitudes and tired stereotypes that are not misleading about the advertiser anything new and interesting. To write a text, ideally you should have an idea on the basics advertising copywriting in the classical sense. In General, the text of the flyers needs to have its own structure, catchy title, compelling benefits and to encourage the reader to desired action. However, the final version of the text of leaflets it is better to adopt after step # 3.
Design and color is the finish flyers. Design can enhance the visual impression and to attract additional attention to non-standard moves. The same colour leaflets usually depends on the allocated budget and, again, target group and distribution.
Finally, in order to make an advertising flyer, you should carefully choose the firm that can be trusted for its printing. The cost of printing services is small, at the time, as the profitability is quite high. So it makes sense to look for small firms that tried and tested customer base and will be able to offer more competitive prices.