Getting started is services, clearly define for yourself how it differs from goods. The basic differences are four:
1. Services are not tangible. It is mostly the actions and processes.
2. Services are very individualized. The consumer makes it their unique requirements (remember, couture or Barber shop). The execution of the services depends on many uncontrollable factors: unclear request of the client, employee qualifications, and others.
3. In the provision of services stage of production coincides with the stage of consumption, and the buyer can participate in it directly. The uniqueness of each situation makes it impossible to complete the unification of many service procedures.
4. The service is transient. It is impossible to store and keep.
Getting to the preparation of the "core" of the advertising text, the main attention is paid to quality services. The hesitance of a potential buyer when it's selected can have many causes: the impossibility to see the future result of their own incompetence. As a result, it just compares the promises made in some advertisements with the suggestions of others and seeks, where "deeper".
Consider the client's expectations, stereotypes in relation to your services - as a negative (fears) and positive (the solution). The buyer expects from the transaction, primarily high-quality results, meeting deadlines, reasonable prices. It can excite many questions. Reliable equipment, tools, technologies and methodologies of the artist? Professional the staff? What if the expected result from the service will not follow? The task of the advertiser is to remove the doubts of the buyer, to emphasize company's competitive advantage, give realistic promises.
Use while composing messages and proof examples of the high quality of your services and reliability of the company. They may be:
• information on the positive results of the same orders;
• the promise of "themed" gift to the service (CD with useful materials for the seminar, guide at travel agencies);
• link to standards of quality indirectly inherent in the service (specialists - certified equipment from the world leaders brands);
• information about the prestigious awards, victories, successful participation in significant industry events, public actions in the region, popular TV programs, etc.;
• information on the corporate standards of internal quality control;
• information about options for cooperation: possible free "sample" service (introductory lesson in foreign language courses, healing session, etc.) on the appointment of the personal consultant, etc.
Identifying all the advantages of your services, feel free to proceed with the preparation of the text of the advertising message. Its content and scope depend on the choice of the advertising medium. For print advertising this is a common composition - full or abridged: a slogan (advertising slogan, the call header), the intonation, the information block (information about the service and justifying the text), reference information (address, contacts etc.).