Consider the essence of a promotional offer. It should really create the desire to acquire the goods. This can be achieved only if you make it clear to potential customers why this product is needed. For key words or phrases are best to use as large a font as it needs to attract advertising leaflet first attention. This will force the potential client to take a leaflet and read what is written in it.
Slightly smaller font is a special offer. It is, for example, in the low price or high quality product or service. The proposal reads as after the key phrase and helps make a man interested.
In the advertising text should not use the particle "not", as in a person's subconscious is always perceived as a negative. The text should be simple, without verbal participle phrases, etc. It needs to be read easily, on one breath. This text should contain no more than 7 words. Busy person it's easier to understand just composed a message. So, it is easier to remember and will settle in his brain.
The size of the leaflets depends on its purpose. To distribute flyers you need to choose a smaller size, for example, in the form of calendars or business cards. It needs to fit in a purse or pocket. The maximum size of the leaflet must be A4 (size landscape sheet). A size more appropriate for posting and not seeding.
To flyers are not thrown away after reading, you need to make it valuable to a potential consumer. For example, it can be done in the form of a discount coupon, an invitation to the event or calendar. You can also place on a leaflet map of the metro or a list of useful phone numbers.