Many believe that no matter what design and what color made outdoor advertising, and more importantly, what is written in it. Unfortunately, this view is mistaken, because if advertising is not an attractive, original design with bright color elements, then this is just doomed to fail. Advertising should be evident, to sink into the mind, to attract the attention of others, otherwise it runs the risk of being never seen and not read. Indeed, if a few billboards a couple will be done in bright and colorful tones, and one in monotone black and white, Your eyes are undoubtedly the first will fall on the bright ads, and then notice the faceless, which has obviously lost the interest.

Colors for you to choose wisely and based on what the target audience directed advertising campaign.

So, for example, red is destined to be noticed. This evokes the excitement, warmth, love, danger, stirs the blood and rouses us to action. Typically, this color is to use a company that provide services or sell goods. Red is a color suitable for advertisement, car, cafes, restaurants, casinos, cold medicine, but to use it for commercial medical centers is not necessary, as in humans it can cause Association with blood, disease and death.

The orange color is able to attract the attention of others and cause them the location and the feeling of happiness. This color is best used for food advertising, which will necessarily cause the desire to eat Goodies in the near future.

Yellow is a very optimistic, cheerful and is intended to draw attention not less red. Yellow is excellent for advertising of sweets, flowers, parks entertainment.

Green is a sign of life, material prosperity, power and security. This color is perfectly suited for commercial and financial enterprises, fruit and vegetables, flowers and facades.

The color blue makes us feel calm, secure, and wise. Often this color will use for advertising of medical institutions, hotels, fitness centers.

Purple is a very rich, luxurious and sophisticated color, which is able to attract special interest. This color is best used to advertise the clothes, night clubs, portrait galleries, etc.

Black color is considered the most elegant, sophisticated, understated and prestigious. The black color is very informative and forces all others to keep pace with new trends. This color is best suited for commercial law firms and famous brands and spare parts for cars.

White color is sign of dignity, purity and innocence. It is best suited for advertising the marriage salons, medical facilities, shops, sanitary and cleaning companies.

Thus, paying attention to the colour components of the ads, you can understand that we wanted to convey to the advertisers.