Please note that the ability to connect your phone to the Internet via a computer with a USB cable only support devices based on Google Android system. In this case, the phone must be activated root access ("root"). This can be done using one of the special programs that are available for download from the Internet, for example, the Superuser, z4root or Root Explorer. Describing the process of obtaining superdraw can be found on one of the specialized sites, for example, 4PDA.
Go to properties of your standard Internet connection on the computer and make the connection shared for all network users by selecting the relevant option on the Advanced tab. Download from one of the sites dedicated to Android, the Adb program and extract its files into a folder on your hard drive.
Activate "USB Debugging" in the settings of your smartphone or tablet, and then connect it to the computer using the USB cable. Run the file AndroidTool.exe folder the Adb program. Follow step Refresh Devices in the application window. Used to specify the Internet connection DNS server. Click the Show Android Interface, and then begin the process of integrating the programme into the mobile device.
Run the application on the mobile device and confirm the program to use root privileges. Now run the file USB Tunnel from the folder Adb on the computer. Click Connect to complete the connection from the phone to the Internet through the computer with a USB cable.