You will need
  • Data cable (USB), free space on the hard disk of the laptop.
When you connect a mobile phone to the laptop you must do the following:
- enable mobile phone;
- turn on laptop;
- connect mobile phone to laptop through data cable.
Turn on the phone and the laptop. To pair these devices use the data cable for your phone.
Data cable uses a USB data interface. USB (Universal Serial Bus) - universal serial bus. It is used for transmission or receipt of any information. Typically, this wire comes with the phone. Also, this set must contain a CD with drivers, but not necessarily (depends on model of phone).
When you connect the phone to the laptop, the operating system will prompt you to install new equipment. When installing can be found not only the flash drive of your phone, but the modemthat connects to the Internet. If your kit doesn't include a driver disk, go to the website of the developer. If you encounter any problems you can also recommend to turn to the forum of the manufacturer of your phone or in technical support.
When disconnecting the "phone-laptop" don't forget to use the safely remove hardware. To use this feature, click the device icon in the system tray, near the system clock.