How conception occurs

The female ovaries contain nearly 200 thousand eggs. By the time a woman reaches puberty, fully developed be only 500. Once a month, ovulation occurs, and at this moment there can be conception.

In the fallopian tube the egg meets the sperm, and merge. From that moment of fertilization – and pregnancy begins.

The sex of the baby is determined by sperm, because it can differ from the egg with only one chromosome. If they are different, then it's a boy, identical to girl.

Then the fertilized egg moves down the fallopian tube and a week later, enters the uterus. There she is introduced into the mucosa, which contains nutrients necessary for the embryo to develop successfully.

Early signs of pregnancy

You need to understand that immediately after conception the woman will not feel the change, and, accordingly, no signs of pregnancy will not occur. To trace this will be at least the tenth day after fertilization. About a week before the expected menstrual period in a woman's body begins hormonal changes, which affects the health and appearance.

The first symptom is breast swelling. Of course, it increases when approaching the menstrual period, but manifested differently. With a successful conception Breasts like swells and increases in size, the halos become blurred, and the nipple grows in size.

Another symptom is aching pain in the abdomen. Before menstruation this is also true, but if a pregnancy, this condition occurs as early as 7-9 days. This is due to the contraction of the uterus.

In some cases, sleepiness, malaise, nausea. But this is not always the signals of pregnancy.

If you followed the basal temperature of your body and everything went like clockwork – at the time of ovulation, it rose to 37 degrees, and then gradually fell, then the pregnancy will start a mess. This symptom is considered the most reliable. So you can almost understand exactly conception occurred or not.

If you still have the confidence that you're pregnant, you can confirm or disprove their guesses by checking the level of HCG hormone in the urine to do a pregnancy test. And remember about mother's intuition. It happens that basic feeling tells a woman about the future baby even before the appearance of various signs and symptoms.