Reliable signs of pregnancy

If you delay menstruation. This characteristic is suitable for women with regular menstrual cycles. If the delay is 5-6 days, you should visit an obstetrician-gynecologist. Most likely, you are pregnant.
Increase in basal body temperature is also considered a reliable sign of pregnancy. If you measure basal temperature (measured in the rectum) 37 degrees and above, visit a specialist. It is very likely that you are pregnant.
Swipe a pregnancy test. Such tests are sold in every drugstore and are quite reliable
The most reliable way to diagnose pregnancy in early pregnancy is ultrasonography (us). The presence of the ovum in the body of the uterus, just a little it is possible to detect only with a special intrawaginalnogo sensor.
Probable signs of pregnancy

Reaction to the smell

You have to react to the smells in a strange way – there were a superhuman sense of smell. Smell of perfume gels, which you earlier liked, started to irritate.

In the morning you feel nauseous, which may escalate into vomiting. Most likely, these are signs of a beginning toxemia.
Food cravings

Appeared craving for pickles or something spicy. This suggests that the body needs a different ratio of vitamins and minerals.
Weakness in the body and drowsiness

You feel lethargy, fatigue and sleepiness, despite the fact that slept, and it was not overloaded.
Change appetite

Completely lost appetite due to morning sickness, or, on the contrary, began to eat everything.
Breast swelling

Your Breasts are markedly increased and became sensitive to the slightest touch. The most indicative sign of pregnancy. Later pigmentation of the nipples.
Any woman should be aware of the symptoms of pregnancy. After all, it is important to understand what is happening to you, and to make the fateful decision that can change your entire life.